NEET Coaching Classes :

Dear Students,

NEET coaching classes for junior doctors are conducted in CMC Vellore, Chittoor campus from February 2020. The classes were started for the junior doctors in Chittoor campus, and were subsequently broadcasted to the town campus via teleconferencing.

We are conducting 7-8 one hour sessions, along with a practice test each month. 

Considering the extraordinary situation of the pandemic and as an effort to make the classes available to a larger group, we have recently moved the classes to the Microsoft Teams platform. We have created a Microsoft Team for NEET classes and currently, all the junior doctors posted in CMC Chittoor campus and a few doctors from the Town campus are members of the team. We have also started a WhatsApp group for the participants.

We have faculty from Chittoor campus and town campus taking classes currently. 

The classes are primarily question based, focusing on key concepts and important topics for NEET. In the coming months, we plan to involve more teachers and increase the number of classes. We hope to familiarise the junior doctors to the unique challenges of the entrance examination and direct them in the right path.

Anyone who wants to be a part of the program can obtain a Microsoft Office 360 username and password by contacting the e-learning department and send a mail with their usernames to Dr. Jewell Joseph in the email id: They will be added to the group and can participate in the classes.

Participants need to download the Microsoft Teams app in Windows/Android/iOS/Mac platforms or visit Microsoft Teams via their web browsers to take part in the classes.

All junior doctors and students are welcome to access the coaching.

Attaching the schedule for May. Since more teachers are volunteering to take classes, additional classes may be added. We will send the updates accordingly.

This facility is available free of cost for CMC medical graduates and on email request from external candidates.

We warmly invite faculty members who are keen in offering teaching services towards this coaching programs. Please send in your emails on

Dr. Jewell Joseph,
Senior Resident,
Chittoor campus.

Click here for NEET Coaching Schedule